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Recipe submission for

home made baked goods

Examples of attractive packaging and labels with ingredients listed and student name.

Bake Sale Information

FFA Students & Parents:

  • Students are required to bring 2 baked good items (example: one item = 2 dozen bagged cookies or batch of brownies, packaged 3 to a bag) OR a whole item for the cake walk.
  • Please include the following on each item:
    • Item name
    • Ingredients (This is required by the health department.) and 
    • Student name
  • Provide a copy of the recipe for each baked good and include the student name.  See below for examples of appropriate recipe submissions.
  • Please package items as attractively as possible for easy sale.  See examples to the right.
  • Ensure items are logged in at the Student and Volunteer Desk so the student gets credit.  Do not take items directly to the Bake Sale table.
  • Deliver items anytime on Friday or Saturday by 8 am.   More items are usually needed on Sunday by 9 am.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.   Thank You!!

Recipe submission for

store bought baked goods